Why Do People Hate Their Jobs?

Do you hate your job? If you do, according to a recent USA Today survey you are not alone, not by a long shot. A larger percentage of America’s workforce does hate their jobs, and although it seems to be higher in many other nations, it’s rather unfortunate considering all the choices and opportunities we have here in the US. As someone who has always loved my job, this makes little sense to me, although when I talk to people and ask them why they don’t quit and get a better job, they say things like;

  1. I can’t quit my job because I will lose my benefits
  2. I can’t quit my job as I must pay my bills
  3. I cannot leave my job because I have obligations to myself, and my family.
  4. I cannot leave my job because I’m not qualified to do anything else.
  5. I don’t dare quit because I must first find a job to replace it.

Indeed, these are all very good reasons, and they are some of the most common. Perhaps, I do not understand because I have never had a job I didn’t like, I have never had a job in which I wish to quit, and even being self-employed and working for customers I didn’t like, I fired them, that is to say I fired the customer at the first and earliest convenient opportunity, and immediately replace them with better customers.

The reality is that many people are not willing to take risks, they don’t want to quit their job because they get too addicted to the weekly paycheck, they spend the money before they make it, and they have bills to pay because they’ve obligated themselves to money which they will earn in the future. They are trapped, but the reality is they have trapped themselves, it is no one else’s fault.

In fact, we all make choices, and we need to live with those choices, and generally getting into debt is a personal choice, people borrow money on their credit cards, or to buy a new car or home because they are tired of saving and waiting for it. Once they do this they have trapped themselves into that monthly or every other week paycheck.

People who feel trapped usually find animosity and anger towards whatever they feel is trapping them, such as the job. But the reality is they have trapped themselves and if they are frustrated or angry, they should be angry with their own mirror and that reflection within it, rather than their employer, their job, their coworkers, or that guaranteed income that now rules their life.

Economic enslavement is a choice, and you cannot leave your job because of the choices you have made. Don’t blame me, don’t blame society, and don’t blame your employer. Please consider all this.

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